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Ultimately I want a MF camera with WLF without the size of my buddy's RZ67 or the price of a Blad. Is there a similar system that might be worth spending a couple hundred more on?
I had a SQB before getting a 'blad, very nice camera, the lenses are great and with a WLF it is fairly light, I certainly wouldn't have a problem spending a day out with it plus an extra lens in the bag for it. The only suggestion I'd make is to try and get one of the newer models, SQAi or SQB depending what features you want, as the SQ/SQA bodies are now 25-40 years old.

I also had an ETRS but I if I want a smaller rectangular format vs 6x6 I'm happy with the convenience of 35mm cameras. It was a nice camera though and the image quality just as good. You do need a prism for it though, unless you limit yourself to landscape orientation.