So I am currently stuck in the bathroom with a film that just WILL NOT spool ok on my paterson spool.

Film is Tri-x 320, was just outside and shot a roll, took it out of my Hasselblad and went to develop it.
The film is absolutely impossible to deal with, curls like crazy, never experienced it that bad before.

IT's so bad, that when I have gotten it entered on the spool and start chugging it on there, it starts to slip because of the inzane curl and the whole film just bounces up on the spool.

Drives be crazy.

Any tips on how to straighten it out a little bit, before I've fiddled and scratched it all to pieces?

The film was taken out of the fridge, then kept inside the air-tight package in my inner pocket, until I loaded it in the camera.
Temperature outside is -4 degrees, and I kept the film in the camera until it had warmed slightly, before it took it out to develop it (camera was still pretty cold though).

Help? What caused this sick curling, any experiences?