Well, that was quick. I have already received a note from Mr. Asahi, as quoted below. Hope it is useful! If so, please post your results. jk

Thank you for your message and appreciate your kind offer.
You could give my name, my ebay store address or my web store (http://aki-asahi.com/store) to anybody, any place. This is very good advertisement for my business, it would be appreciated.

Akihiro ASAHI (Mr)
4-710-1 Ikeba Tenpaku
Nagoya, Aichi 468-0055 , Japan


Thanks again.

Best Regards,

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I have sent an email to Japan to ask the gentleman in question if he would like his contact information published. Once I hear back I will post again.

Im my opinion, the material is just too luscious to use in a darkcloth - unless perhaps you had a bit of extra mink lying about for use as a fringe...