I usually carry some prints around with me when whenever I have my camera which is practically every day, to show friends I bump into, or people that I meet who are curious that I have taken their photo. I'm on the street a lot and do get asked a bunch of times about my camera and photos.

I like to carry a 8x10 or slightly larger in my bag. They get beat up pretty well. I have used thick cardstock backed versions, and now plastic versions because they are cheap and stain proof.

I need a recommendation on a nicer leather version, with good inserts. The problem with the cheaper versions like the itoya's are the plastic inserts get messed up so easily by just handling. It really affects the clarity, and makes it tough to view the print. I have also used a nice version by Prat, but again the corners got destroyed.

Something preferably with a good spine that can open flat too. And of course at reasonable cost, I would like to use it for a year atleast before I have to replace it.

Thanks, also what are everyone else's favorite presentation portfolio? And why?