I have been researching the Horseman VH and VH-R. I had originally thought about purchasing a VH-R because I really liked the option of having a rangefinder to compose. However, I've just come across the Universal Zoom Finder and it looks pretty cool. I can see how it would be much easier (than the VH-R rangefinder) to view the frame (especially with longer lenses) but also very useful when deciding which lens to use. But, I can't quite see how one would translate reading the focus distance (on the Zoom Finder) and then setting the focus on the camera? Is there a distance scale on the bed of the camera perhaps?

Anyone who has the Horseman VH, I would really appreciate your feedback. I can't seem to find a manual online for the VH (only the VH-R).
Perhaps the Zoom Finder is only useful for deciding what focal length lens to use?