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you may find that the sqB gives you better value for money. The in-built light meter may be more difficult to work with than a simple handheld one which you should have in any case. That is how I argued before buying an sqb and I don't regret at all.
good luck, we look forward to hearing what you decide
The SQ-B is a sweet, no frills camera. None of my MF cameras have metered prisms and it's never been a regret. They do seem to be a little more difficult to find than SQ, SQ-A and SQ-Ai bodies. They were originally sold as a kit with a WLF, PS-B 80/2.8 lens, and SQ-B 120 back. The only downside is that 120 backs for the SQ bodies are scarce and pricey relative to 220 backs--which can be used with 120 film.