Yes, I think it's just for framing purposes. As far as I know, the zoom finder is just for composition. If it's the one I am thinking of, it doesn't give distance info. I think what you'd want is an accessory rangefinder.

I had a VH and should be able to recall whether there is a scale on the bed but I don't remember one. Then again, I was swapping lenses so often, it wouldn't have been much use to me. You could print out some distance scale cards for whatever lens you're using and then just focus by scale.

There is also a handy rotating object for these cameras, which allows you to go from GG to film back with a little twist. It's a bit bulk but very fast and easy to use.

The Horsemen are very handy little cameras, very nice for travel. I miss mine. Note that you can use the RB backs on them, which is handy if you don't necessarily want to shoot 6x9.