Andrew: Love the perspective, I'm thinking those magic carpets are going to start flying any moment
Barrie: Classic shot, with nice tonal separation. Seem to have some flair on the bottom left side.
Marc: Interesting ice shape being defined by the side lighting, that Nikkor looks sharper than mine...
Nathan:If you didn't tell me then I would not of known, like your composition with the gentle S curve leading up through the image
Tom: Really like this , just a hint of sharpness around the leading lip of the head of the mushroom and the rest blending out. Is the paper 112 type, I toned some at that dilution (will 1:4) and it went purple
Kevin: What are you going up so early, you make us look bad. great detail threw the image, love the middle section you dodged in...
Ashley: Spectacular lighting show, how many chips did you give the bird to stand there..
Nige: Great study in texture, and you cannot get into trouble if you hang it the wrong way. Is that paper available in Australia
Michael: Caught me by surprise as I was expecting a different Michael W, but never mind the image is still interesting, I cannot help but imagine the portraits in the frames all smiling out as you sit around that coffee table. Ive just started on the 112 paper and have noticed a big difference in contrast from wet to dry. My shots were also on 112 and I think they suffer from contrast issues.

Best for 2012