Michael: I've liked this more as I've stared at it - it would be interesting to frame this and place the print amongst the frames as self-reflexive commentary!
Nathan: I've made 100 pictures like this and haven't liked them half as much. The composition/placement of the path is neat, and would only look better as a sharp darkroom 8x10"
Barrie: I'm not a fan of toning, but this picture is beautiful - The perspective looks corrected - um, how did you DO that with a Hasselblad? Cropping out the foreground?
Kevin: How can the sun be hurting my eyes, when it's just the white of the paper? A craftily put together print - almost like a science-fiction still...
Tom: I love that mushroom - such a gentle little pic, and well 'rescued' print!
Ashley: That's just too clever by half! The tones in the dark bits and depth of field...!! Great tonal decisions!
Nige: A beautiful texture print - my favourite textures are the ones that keep your eye fixed on them and don't really reveal what on earth they are!! As Barrie says - 'could be an elephant!'
Shane: That's magical! That's how I always imagine the high county, especially under moonlight - I must start fiddling with infrared... Love the paper texture too.
Andrew: That's a great composition and a great colour print - got me all inspired (again) to try colour in the darkroom in 2012...!!

Merry Christmas/Festive Season everybody!