Maybe I can pitch in as a relative beginner.
First off, you will come back that 50mm time and again - its the most versitile lens out there, and unless you sell your car or kidney, you will not buy a lens that fast in another focal length!
Secondly, I can't stress enough how true the advice about getting what you know you need is - it will save you a bundle! And teach you about lenses in the process, as you will have to research what you need to get that effect you wanted!
Third, I would stick to primes - most zooms are still not as good as a prime lens of the same price. But mainly, zooms are convenient ways to cheat instead of really working on your composition and really understanding what each focal length has to offer and what are its special, specific qualities.

And then you let them all gather dust and go nuts with that 50mm! (Just jokes - but not entirely...)