There still is a lot of culture in Vienna just not many viennese visitors. We have a lot of Galleries a few specialising in photography like Johannes Farber. But for example the ex head of the photography department of the Albertina left the institution because she felt that photography was underappreciated and they have one of the best photography collections in the world. The Wien Museum often has photo exhibtions, the dilemma in Austria isn't the lack of cultural institutions (with few exceptions) but the lack of interest from the Austrian public which equals lack of interest from companies (including Broadcast) and lack of founding by the state. Most museum visitors are trourists. There's a joke in Austria People visit the museum 3 times in their life the first time on Christmas Eve with their Grandmother (taking care of the children while their parents prepare the gifts) the second time with school and the third time as Grandparents. A single football games has between 4 000 and 25 000 spectators, there are a quiet a few museums and galleries that don't reach that number over the course of whole year. You still can get magnificent cakes at Demel and the Hotel Imperial.