Hey guys - sorry for not checking in on here for a second.

To address the concerns voiced above about facebook vs. apug communities - here's how I see it, while groups like apug and tpf are a concentrated wealth of knowledge and are a great resource for those who know about their existence, they are also very plentiful while facebook is pretty ubiquitous. Plus I really do think that their purposes are different - facebook is not as good of a platform for meaningful learning (though those who really want to do that succeed to some degree I'm sure) while more specific groups like apug are perfect for that while they may not be great at connecting an artist in CA with a journalist in Russia with a doctor in Egypt and so on just because they actually all share one random passion (such as shooting Rollei cameras).
Our group is set to 'public' so anyone can see the images that members post. The comments are usually quite mild, but people rarely post anything that can be really torn into it (when they do I try to speak up for the arts sake). I just added the 2070th member this morning - people do come and go, but we get to see some consistent work from all genres.
I do love this forum though, there are some really thoughtful and articulate folks here. I do wish that I was was on here more often, but the bus has been eating up all my time. What? You haven't heard of THE BUS yet? Well, I think some of you might like it
Check it out and if you feel like supporting please pass on the word: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/...oto-palace-bus


P.S. Dennis - Hi Nice pictures, keep posting. I love that we can scroll through the 1500+ images in that gallery and see shots from all over the world of every subject matter and most of it excellent quality. (I do hope some of the folks in that group start paying more attention to the processing and scanning cause once they do that they'll have superb stuff too)