You guys rock!

I'm gonna get on tweeter come new year. We still have almost 2 months till the end of the funding campaign and I have a feeling in the end folks donate more (well, it's more of a HOPE than a feeling as that's all I can have)

All we really need is ONE BIG DONOR - c'mon, $15.000 is nothing for some people or organizations (and how cool would it be to have your art/photo organization get it's own educational satellite?!!) I'm dreaming big.

Meanwhile I'm very gracious for your guys' help and kind words. Really does make the difference.

P.S. To show how much weight I'm putting on this project... I'm quitting my job as a product photographer at a cheap-skag corporation, closing down my darkroom in San Diego (in which i enjoyed teaching and printing for the past year) and am braking a long-term relationship. Moving up to Santa Cruz to be working on the bus 100% of the time right when the campaign ends (if it goes through or not, I'm ready)