I am faced with the home bound situation practically every day. I am no longer able to stand or walk for more than a few minutes, so I spend a great deal of time in a wheel chair or on an electric scooter thing. I don't see it as any kind of handicap, as my world is filled with wonderous things. I don't think I will ever run out of things here in the house to make pictures of. I still have thousands of negatives and prints that have survived several natural disasters to putter with. So I can easily say I am not bored. I usually avoid the kitchen stuff as so many others have already done it much better than I could. You will find me set up on something that inerests me almost daily at one of our many windows. I have a north skylight in the dining room that provides
excellent light. For subject matter I am surrounded with lots antiques, firearms, pistols, an especially side by side shotguns. I also have just a few feet from the back door a shop set up with lathes, a milling machine and several other power tools. I at times set up and shoot images of stuff I am working on on the lathe or what ever. My large back yard could serve as a studio all by it's self. Behind the shop is where my real treasures are hidden,
Jim Galli describes that area in his post. All kinds of stuff resides back there.
old motorcycles, trailers, trucks and my scrap steel for building projects.
Nuff said about my being house bound, I miss climbing mountains, chasing trains and all that, but then I have already done that, so being house bound
is simply a fresh chapter of life for me to explore!