I'm hoping to get some prints made from it from the rolls of Kodachrome I shot last year, including some of my 83 year old mother (and one of her and my fiance in particular.) I'd like to do them myself but it's been over a decade since I've printed Ilfochrome and, while if it were going to continue to be available I would get back into it, I don't see the sense in that for a dieing medium. I'd rather just pay the bucks up front and get them made by someone experienced.

It's a sad loss, but I think the two things that really killed it were the price and lack of information/ready availability, more so than digital. There are lots of us who would use it, if we could still get it and if the price weren't so high. Yesyes, the demand isn't sufficient at the price they have to charge etc. I know the rational explanations. I'm just saying that IF the stuff cost, say, $1 per 8x10 sheet and another $0.50 to process AND were readily available, a lot of us would be buying it. And if a frog had wings..

I think my next project once I'm back into color will be to learn to make good internegatives. I know it's been discussed a bit here. There's bound to be a learning curve but it's probably easier than contrast masking Ilfochrome.