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I have, with stunning results. 5 to 6 mins in Solution a and b. 30 secs agitation for the first min in both solutions and then 3 secs every 30 secs thereafter. Dump each solution quickly. No wash. Fix for 5 mins. Wash for 5 mins. Dry normally. I use a wash agent from the out fit in Wash state.... can't think of the name....also I prefer the Aura. I do mine in a Bronica ETRSI with a 40mm. Have fun !!!!!
Cool, thanks. That's slightly longer and slightly more agitation than I use for other films but no problem. That's with the Efke? I planned to try both it and the Rollei. Have you tried the same film with other developers and how did it compare? My two interests in trying it with Diafine were, first, because it's easy to find the "right" time, and secondly because the stuff, with an IR filter, is so darned slow any effective speed increase would be nice.