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The NSW Sate Art Gallery in Sydney has regular exhibitions - the Tracey Moffat one which was a travelling show - and earlier there was a retrospective of Jeff Carter's work which was very well done.
Then we have the Australian Photographic Centre in Paddington which puts on regular exhibitions of current photographic work, and courses courses, and the National Gallery in Canberra which seems to mount a couple of exhibitions each year.
So maybe it is a Sth Aus thing?
Wasn't the Jeff Carter retrospective at the State Library of NSW? I certainly saw a show very like this there and wanted very much to buy a copy of his superb "Tobacco Road" Unfortunately there seem to be unresolved copyright problems in Carter's works to the extent that the Library was compiling a list of folk wanting prints as some sort of ammunition. Sometimes I feel that the SLNSW does a better job of curating and showing Oz photography than the AGNSW, although a specific and generously spacious photo gallery--unlike the neglected indigenous art space--has been recently commissioned at the AGNSW.

I received a rather abrupt and dismissive reply from the AGNSW curator when questioning the lighting level of the room of the Steiglitz show which was the debut of their photo gallery (comparing perceptible detail under gallery dim lighting and that of prints published in books) I was more or less told to stick to the books and don't question the world of art galleries.

The Australian Photographic Centre has its moments when it gets away from shows featuring trendy Sydneyites photographing trendy Sydneyites (I understand that the nomenclature is "hipsters")

More and more I dunno what art is.

Regards Confused of Springwood.