Hi Ross,
You're right about the Library hosting the Carter exhibition. Interestingly his family run a cafe in Berry (Hedgehogs) where there are quite a few prints of his on the walls and one copy of the book, which they declined to sell to me. They explained their problems with the publishers and I put my name down on their waiting list. If ever they get the rights back they're planning to self-publish it.
I too was underwhelmed by the Steiglitz exhibition - and I agree that the APC does tend towards the nouveaux-trendy. But I did like their "Head On" exhibition last year. But parking around there is a swine.
I was also a bit disappointed in the Annie Leibowitz exhibition at the Contemporary Art Museum. Apart from some rather dramatic and well-known celebrity portraits the rest were largely personal and family images that, for me, held no real attraction, and weren't even up to local camera club work. If she weren't famous for other reasons nobody would notice them.
Nevertheless we do seem to get a number of shows in Sydney or Canberra each year but it sounded like Nicole in Perth (the OP) was being starved of any photographic shows at all.