This message comes in very late (also for December the 6th), but my mother's Agfa Instamatic 100 has been one of the first cameras with which I fiddled as a child so I can't refrain writing few words. It must have been for sure an entry-level inexpensive camera of the time, with only two apertures (sun and cloud - and be happy with them!) and a galileian viewfinder. Still, what impress me more today is that, compared to later entry-level film cameras or to today digital eye-level scanners, it looks like a little jewel, with its metal frames and the nicely textured leatherette on the front, perfect to the touch. It also had a large orange shutter release button which was fully mechanical but has just to be caressed gently to operate, a true marvel.

I also admired in the past the 126 format reflex cameras made by Zeiss Ikon with interchangeable optics that really tried to stretch this "poor" format beyond every reasonable limit. Germans really knew how to make great cameras in their days.