Hi Nicholas Lindan,

Thanks for giving me some more questions to refine my area of practice, Im really struggling trying to hone in on what I exactly want to do.

1. Working in a darkoom making silver gelatin, I would love love to be working with alternative processes too.
2. I'm currently studying at UCLAN, our darkroom facilities are pretty good although the darkroom demonstrator has been off sick for the last 3 months and we've had no replacement. So my learning
3. I have no idea what you mean by major, I study BA photography and the curriculum in 3rd year is pretty broad in the sense that we can produce and study what we want.
4. Im pretty much living in the darkroom right now 9-4 days and everything I do in there I love. The few assignments I have enjoyed have all been printing exercises and I try and spend as much time printing as possble. I love the smell of chemicals. I love finding new ways of printing but i am still extremely amateur.
5. A level photography, (by June) a degree in photography. And experience wise is purely what i'm doing whislt at university, nothing in the industry. I did have some work experience over summer with a PR company but it wasnt really enjoyable. I started styduing photography (by chance) 5 years ago but analog photography was never really pushed and it wasnt I started university that I completely fell in love with MF.
6. Realistically I know that I will have to work alongside someone for a long time before I could work for myself, I feel that I have so much to learn. I'd ideally love to work alongside a photographer who produces their own prints, or printer who works for themselves producing prints for photographers.
7. In 5 years, under the careful apprentice of printer or lab. In 10 years, uder the careful apprentice of a printer or lab.

Thank you!