I'm lucky enough to own a few 8x10 contact prints by George Tice. They are framed to keep them safe, but I don't enjoy them as much that way. Holding one of those in my hands without glass over it, sitting in a chair and just looking at it, is so enjoyable. It's how I like to view prints. I guess that would explain why often I actually enjoy looking at high quality reproductions of my favourite photographs in books more than seeing the real prints in museums and galleries. I can really study them and enjoy them much more that way.

Regarding titles, I'm in OP's camp on that. But there are many others who disagree. Some months ago in another thread Michael A. Smith stated he thought in many cases a photographer is doing himself or the photograph a disservice by not giving it an interesting or more descriptive title. I really think it depends on the type of photography. And then there's the marketing aspect.