Hi all,

Iíve been playing around with a Konica Auto S2 that I found from my local thrift store. It is in great condition mechanically except that the viewfinder was out of whack.

Iíve tried adjusting it many times to various targets but canít seem to calibrate it properly. That or the yellow patch is too dim for me to properly focus... Either way, my focus points are always off.

Anyways, this had me thinking about rangefinders in general. Iíve played with the idea of purchasing a voigtlander bessa R camera but hereís what Iím thinking: Iíve come to realize that one of the problems that may creep up with an RF is misalignment. This scares me because I could shoot an entire day or few not knowing that my rangefinder is misaligned and get shots that are not focused properly.

1) Is there a way to tell misalignment before it happens?
2) Do rangefinders get misaligned often?

Appreciate the feedback!