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Yes. Mirko saves parts of the original equipment and may be some of the stuff from Agfa photo. You might follow the forum of Fotoimpex, which is hold in German of course: http://forum.fotoimpex.de .
The first message in the "Fotolaborforum" is concerned with the APX films. It has 8 pages already.
As far as I have understood from what Mirko has written both here on APUG and on the ADOX forum, what is available today is 135-film from the last AGFA master rolls. There are still quite a few APX 100 rolls on the market at very competitive prices. I think Fotoimpex in Berlin sels them for about 2.60 Euro ( aprox 3.40 $ ) a piece. I know that ADOX are working on a project to remanufacture at least APX 400 but it seems that APX 100 will have to wait untill it is possible to get a price that at least will cover the costs and give a tiny profit. Perhaps we can also se some APX films in 120 size in the future. Do we dare to dream of 220 size ? That would be the day !