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The Bronica SQ is a wonderful 6x6 system with excellent lenses that are very affordable. I've had the SQ-A, SQ-Ai and SQ-B. The only problem I ever had was with the batteries in my SQ-Ai. Bronica had to compromise the camera to fit in the TTL flash circuitry by switching to four button batteries instead of the standard 6V battery. Button batteries were designed for 1970s 35mm cameras, not 120 SLRs. I finally got so fed up hassling with them that I sold the camera and bought an SQ-B
But four button cells are the functional equivalent to one 6V battery. I've opened 6V silver oxide batteries, both Mallory PX28 and Eveready 544, and inside were four button cells. So there is no real difference. If there was a problem with your SQ-Ai it might have been with the battery holder or some other issue. If you didn't like the fiddling with button cells, well there is that about them.