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Why won't I be pleased? It seems as though I now know what I'll be getting into.

Well... I say that because I think you still have high expectations.

Let me give you my own examples.

I have a Mamiya 645 System. I originally bought a two lens kit with 645 Super from someone I know. The body eventually failed and I had to replace it with another one (I upgraded to Pro) for $200 or so. I bought an additional back from a dealer. It leaked light and I found out about it too late. I sold it as parts to someone here. I still have this kit and enjoy using it. (and yes, I am still friends with the seller)

I had a Rolleicord V that I purchased from here. Other than what I was told by the seller that didn't work, everything worked. It was a nice camera and well maintained. I sold it because it just wasn't my thing. If I wanted this "perfect," I would have to do a CLA because self-timer didn't work. That would have cost me few hundred bucks.

I was given a couple of folders. (folding medium format cameras). They range from 40 to 100+ years old. Yeah, they leak light all over the place! With some, I spent few rolls and foam to seal them up.

I bought an RB here on APUG. Secured a return privileged before buying. Upon testing, I found few things didn't work right. Seller gladly took it back as promised.

I bought an RZ Pro-II from a retailer. Cocking didn't work reliably. Sent it back for refund.

I bought an RB Pro-S from a retailer. Light leak detected. Back returned for refund.

I bought two more backs for the above RB. STILL LEAKS LIGHT! Returned everything for refund.

At every step, I used a roll or two of film, and chemical and time to do the testing. A week or two was necessary from purchasing to the refund. Then the next cycle continues.

I just want you to be aware, this may happen to you as well. As it's been said few times, in this thread, we are dealing with older equipment with things that can wear out. It isn't like buying later model 35mm gear. Remember I said $450? What would happen to you if you spent your $250, get a working camera, and have it fail in 6 months? Would you be able to take care of it? Often, repair will cost you more than just get another body, lens, etc.

Good luck to you.