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This is something I struggle with a lot when I ask myself (as I often do) why I take photographs. It's a curious contradiction, almost. As a photographer you want consistently "good" results (whatever "good" means to you) and that requires a certain amount of deliberation, study, practice etc. etc. At the same time, I agree with you that the more one can let the process happen and get the ego out of the way, the closer one can get to a truly spontaneous act. But that sounds like trying to practise spontaneity, which is ridiculous. I still haven't figured this out!

Great thread. I'll follow it with interest and hope someone can show me the golden light...
hi lesm

i agree with what early riser just posted ..
the best way to allow yourself to be able to forget you have
a camera you are working with, is to be 1 with it, and know
how it will react to everything you will do. the "it"
is the camera, the scene / person / subject, film, developer,
paper, and developed out image ( or numericize if that is the route you go ).
once you are plugged in, you can unplug yourself and not think about any of it.
and the best way to plug yourself in, is by using a camera, film/paper an awful lot.

( and to enjoy yourself )