I suggest you consider a Gossen Digisix - Rae bought me one after the Undertoad at Salmon Beach devoured my Lunasix - I did not wade in after it as the Australian Southern Ocean Undertoad is not something to argue with

This meter is tiny, uses a standardish battery, has a 20 degree angle of view, is easy to read, has a simple dial to translate the EV numbers the meter shows (EVs can put straight on to your Hasselblad, Rollei or Vitessa) - It will tell you the time, time Polaroid processing, be an alarm clock and give you current and max/min temperatures - All in the size of a matchbox

The only bad thing I have read about these little meters is Karen Nakamura's complaint that her's died a year after going through a washing machine in her jeans

My Digisix has has replaced almost all my other meters, except for studio flash

The new one even read flash and is blue, if it was pink Rae would buy herself one, rather than get me to shout exposure times for her pinhole pix across the landscape