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Thanks Simon,
That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.
Some figures from someone who actually got the report are in these posts on the LFPF:



It's encouraging that they are profitable, but scary in how small the figures are now.

In a fit of "support those who support you" I am starting to consider switching entirely to Ilford for black and white film myself. I already shoot Delta 3200, FP4+ and Pan F in 120, but I also shoot Tri-X in 120 and 35mm plus TMY-2 in 4x5. While grainier than TMY-2 I don't print that large so I could happily go to HP5+ in 4x5, maybe save only for low light where I might need better reciprocity failure characteristics. My real hold out is the Tri-X/Diafine combo in 35mm (and, more rarely, 120) and 35mm TMZ. HP5+ works fine in Diafine but gives me maybe 2/3s stop less effective speed, and that EI 1250 is often a sweet spot that allows me to shoot handheld without incurring the significantly larger grain of TMZ or Delta 3200. I find TMZ more pushable beyond 3200 and finer grained than Delta 3200 as well. I do shoot the later in 120 but not as often as TMZ in 35mm for the simple reason I don't have a medium format lens faster than f/3.5 so any handheld shooting in low light tends to be in 35mm.

It would be further encouragement if Ilford brought back Delta 400 in sheets.