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I understand. And I'm glad you've survived this exercise, Erik. One or two of those blokes look as if they'd love to punch you out of your shoes! There's always a bit of that with street genre - that's what gives it the sharp edge for me.

Looking at the rest of the photos, it struck me that no-one looks very happy. (After the recent elections they have even less reason, it seems). It made me feel like whipping out my mandolin and giving them all a jig to cheer them up.

Will you be putting captions to the prints?
I felt safe most of the time. It is often easy to walk away in the crowd. I was confronted only once, so no sweat.

I'd love to have you along next time and do bring your mandolin! Evenings in the Moscow metro are not likely to be full of smiles and cheers. People are tired or exhausted from work and have to endure noise and bad air in order to get home. Then next day - more work.

And the elections - people are angry because they are lied to and robbed from by the "power". (The impersonal and abstract word "vlast" is hard to translate.) They know it, the politicians know it, and still the charade goes on. A reasonable strategy for many is to think about it like the weather. Sometimes it is cold, tough luck! But that should not stop you from being happy with your family and friends. Recently many such apolitical people finally lost their temper.