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I finally have my book published this month. It's a Blurb book I've been working on all year. It's a 10x8 hardcover with a dust jacket. 80 pages of my b&w photographs with poetry by eleven poets plus a few that I contributed.
It covers the 15 years I free-lanced in Detroit for a few labor unions - The UAW, United Steel Workers of America and others. The book, "This Working Life", primarily depicts industrial laborers on the job. Other shots included are of working class people off the job and some industrial sites. Most of the poems were not created for specific photos but were paired via literary and visual connections. A hand full were written for specific photos. Anyone familiar with poets who write about labor and working class issues will recognize a few of them; Jim Daniels, Philip Levine, Hank Malone and Larry Smith. I was very fortunate to gain permission to include their work.
Here's the link to preview the book in it's entirety; http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/2731932
Congratulations, Russ. I really like your work and the book is something I'll add to my Christmas list. If I'm too late for that, I'll buy a copy myself in January. In the 80s & first half of the 90s I sold industrial equipment in the Detroit, Flint & general southeast area of Michigan. I had access to all kinds of plants & factories (The Rouge, BASF plants, Mobil, Standard Oil, GM Truck & Bus, Chrysler, Zug Island and dozens of smaller fabricating and manufacturing plants), but, I wasn't shooting a whole lot back then and when I did shoot my subject interests had more of a nature/wildlife propensity to it. Your book really captures the atmosphere of the time and places. Again, congrats!