Go to www.kievaholic.com it is a very informative kiev site. It also has a link to the Kiev report near the bottom of the home page. The kiev report is a forum dedicated to russian cameras and has a lot about ARAX. Everything you wanted to know about russian cameras and more. The nicest bunch of folks on the net too. There are members from there are here as well and maybe they have first hand experience with ARAX. My experience is only second hand.

ARAX is a good friendly company to work with, but their cameras are still Kievs, so many are born with defects. What I like about arax is, if your camera is a dud, you send it back to them and they adjust that camera. Other places just swap the camera out for another so you might get a whole new set of problems. Kiev USA is a rip off.

I got lucky with my Kiev. It has shown no signs of any problems. That said, of the Kiev cameras, the 60 might be ugly but it is the least prone to problems. Plus you have access to the P6 style lenses which include some really nice pieces of very affordable glass.

The glass is the reason to get a Kiev, there is a lot of great lenses and it is all very, very affordable.

This was taken with my (real)Hartblei master 88 and Mir 45mm lens. The actual transparency is much sharper than my scanning abilities.

(I can't get a thumb nail to attach so I'll post it in the standard gallery)