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AMEN. I used a Rolleicord Vb for more years that I'd like to admit. I didn't often have "Rolleiflex envy". I've never felt inconvenineced by the knob, or the manual cocking, or the screen brightness... nor the Xenar lens. Some of my best photography was done with a 'cord.
I chose my 'cord over the 'flex for exactly that reason actually, I like the knob wind more than the crank (plus it is easier to fix and there is less to go wrong there mechanically). My 'cord is a model III and I can do multiple exposures with it which is a great bonus too! I have also replaced my focusing screen just last week with a Rick Oleson screen and the camera is just about perfect. My Xenar is needle sharp and I have no desire for a Planar or Xenotar really.