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The problem is the lenses are not falling in prices as fast as the bodies
I'd disagree...lens prices, at least for the RB system, have plummeted dramatically over the last year. (The same can't be said for Hasselblad...those lenses never seem to get cheaper.) For the RB, 180mm lenses in KEH bargain condition are under $200...actually cheaper than a 150mm from Arax. In general long lens prices are about equivalent between Arax for Kiev lenses and KEH bargain for Mamiay RB lenses. Wide angles are still cheaper at Arax, but Mamiya 50mm lenses are under $350 and falling fast. Although they may still cost more than the Kiev lenses, you are getting Mamiya's build quality. Within a few more months, I expect that an RB system with lenses will actually be cheaper than an equivalent Arax system (unless Arax drops their prices).