Howdy all,

I have been thinking about a summer project to use up some of the piles and piles of MDF I have sitting in myshed. Well, last night, I read through many of the posts through here and have decided that a pinhole might be a nice project and possibly a good intro into camera buildign (somethign I want to do, but maybe in the distant future).

So, with this in mind, I have questions!

  • Camera size - I have been thinking of doing an 8x10 - from what I can see, this shouldn't be any different to any other 'single shot' pinhole. Am I deluded? Or is 8x10 OK for a first build?
  • For a start, I would prefer to play with paper negatives. While I found a few hints in relation to using them (I.E., shoot on an overcast day, ect), I am a little unsure about a few specifics. Would I process a paper neg in the same way as a print? Will this be sufficient to get started? As I have exclusively printed on Ilford in the past, this will be where I will start, but is there a specific paper that people recommend?
  • I had a quick look at Mr Pinhole last night and his camera design page. From what I saw, if I made a camera with a Focal length of 170mm and a pinhole of 0.55mm, I should get an 8x10 done OK. Are these calcs correct?

I am sure I will have many more questions. At the moment, I am thinking of a design that is not reliant on Film holders, but having a removable back, that if I got clever with, could take a dark slide and then ultimately I could create multiple holders.

Any advice is more then welcome!