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Thanks! I will be sending some of the negatives back to the states to get scanned and enlarged. I'll hold off on posting the others until I get that done.

The camera was an eBay find. It's in great shape and came the case and most importantly with the bill of sale from 1946 from the Navy to the first civilian owner. The bill of sale is embossed with the seal of the USS Alabama. It also has all the serial numbers listed on it, and they match the camera. The funny thing about it that's I bought it to document our deployment out here in Africa. So it started out with the military, and after about a 65 year hiatus it's back in use with the military. (I've been tasked with being the photog for our deployment, and have been having the time of my life with it. If you want you can see some of the digital photos here: http://kavanaughmp.smugmug.com/Deployment/Djibouti-2011 and here: http://kavanaughmp.smugmug.com/Animals ) It's been a hit on base, but due to the cost of film and the time required to lug it around I do not take many non work related photos with it. Someone also just donated a well nice Hasselbad 500ELX and some film to me. That was a surprise to say the least, so I've been shooting with that too.

Thanks for explaining the cams background. Also, thanks for the links to you other shots, very interesting. Keep 'clicking.'