First it is helpful to have an audible timer or electric metronome sounding a one second intervals. You can easily make your own dodging and burning tools with mat board and a thin stiff piece of wire. For dodging cut the size and shape and tape it to the wire handle. For burning cut a hole in a piece of mat board probably best not to have distinct edges. You can also use your hands. A foot pedal for the timer is a real plus. Make test prints so you know where on the print and how much time is needed. I find my overall exposure and do any dodging during that time and burn after. I have a variable contrast lamp in my enlarger and can burn at various contrasts. If you are using filters it can still be done but you would have to change the filter accordingly. Generally your b/d tools should be somewhat above the paper and keep them moving so as not to have the print look as though it has been burned or dodged. Of course, the less you have to do the better. Sometimes bleaching is necessary but that is a different subject. Practice and it will come to you. There are also masks that can be made but that too is a different subject.