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Ha! I was there last Saturday--Chile Relleno FTW.

It does seem quite silly to me that there are some prints up to 30-40" that are in a hallway. How in God's name are we supposed to view that!?

One of my photographic friends here has an astonishing collection of art, including Weston, Adams, Tice, and Stieglitz originals and not to mention about 25 other masters, and the funniest thing as we're walking about his house one day during a BBQ, he brings me into his study to show me his favorite works--3 5x5" prints each from the Weston brothers. He held them as if they were delicate butterflies, and you could see the prize in his eyes. This, as a 20" print looms over the desk.

Funny how things work.
Not to blow my own horn, but I have some friends who have a lot of photographs in their house. No Adamses or anything like that; images from other friends. Mostly of a landscape nature. All very pretty and technically solid. Last year, out of gift-desperation I gave them a B&W 4x5 test print, spotted and framed with a floating matte and held to the backing with clear plastic corners. Threw it together in half an hour. They thanked me but I never asked them what they thought of it. A while ago I met him on the street and he said 'You know that print...' His voice just trailed off and he smiled and shook his head.

My point is that yes, it is funny how things work, especially with art. If you really hit your mark it shouldn't be explainable why it is liked by someone; the why should be too deeply engendered to express casually. It was nice to think I might have approached that point, most of my stuff is completely forgettable.

Good call, the rellenos.