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When they brought the new Portras to market, they mentioned specifically that it was based on Kodak's new Vision 3 technology.
As I understand it, some of the Vision3 technology was based off of Vision2 50D.

In fact, the "sub-micron sensor" technology that created the super-small T-grains for the slow layer of 5219 was invented for the recent 50D 5201 stock.
Here's what Kodak says about the sub-micron stuff:
The sub-micron silver halide crystals enable detailed, discriminating capture of high exposure information and has made it possible to effectively increase the overexposure latitude of the VISION3 films by two stops while simultaneously improving the S/N in the high exposure areas.
They also talk a lot about enhanced performance with scanning, which was certainly mentioned in the new Portra and Ektar releases.

Very cool. I got to shoot a little bit of Vision2 50D about a year ago and it was beautiful stuff. I can only imagine how nice this stuff is.