I don't see how that new cinema film will benefit photographers who use 120 black and white film.....but any new stuff is good I guess.

As Kodak has been killing (and keeps killing) off various product lines of photographic film, my bet is that Kodak is probably not producing much of anything in 5 years.
Sad and silly (downsizing the product line would be smarter), but I have no confidence in Kodak....
I am no fan of TMax, which seem to be their "last" bw film, that film is now sold in pro-packs _only_, seems like the typical first step towards being discontinued.

As long as Kodak doesn't come out and reassure the customers that they will be sticking to this for a long, time, I will not buy into Kodak either, sorry, but there you have it. (no point learning to know a film on it's way out).