Thank you all for the feedback - especially you Michael.

My purpose in asking questions of this sort is to simply save me a great deal of effort, time and expense which would inevitably result, should I not be so lucky as to have such generous feedback from experienced artists, in less than ideal prints.

After a 5+year period away from photography, I have recently shot a project on a 92 year old lady who lived on her own in the country (she has since died). She was supremely interesting and I've attempted to capture her and her environment on film (8x10 Tri-X processed in HC110... haven't tried Pyro yet). Now, my "struggle" is to find the right paper in the right developer to translate this project into b&w prints of (hopefully) some relevance.

Of course, as Michael said, there is far more to this than "just" papers and chemicals. Artistic flair is the prime ingredient here but the basic foundation must be there in the right paper processed in the right developer. I am well on the way to finding the right combination for this project due, in part, to valued assistance found here. As for Artistic flair ???? Time will tell if I had that.

I sure know what a good print should look like having seen countless works in countless museums and galleries over my 30+ year interest in the medium (for unexplainble reasons though Michael, I've yet to see your work "in person"..... I have to rectify that real soon). Further, I own a number of excellent images (silver and platinum) and I have hundreds of books on the subject. But, the hard part for me is to create my own "look" and "feel" to my work. Sure I've had some success in a number of shows, grants and awards but my prints are really not where I want them to be at this time.

Platinum is not suited to my style of photography (yes, I've tried it and I fully agree with you on this Michael). POP? I don't like it (tried it when the CAW POP came from Fance rather than from England). Bergger Contact? I've got some of that too and I don't care for it either (agreed again Michael, it's not a true "contact" paper at all - you could enlarge this stuff quite easily. BTW, I much prefer the Bergger NB papers to their Contact). I also have some of their (very expensive) Silver Supreme which has disapointed me more than any other paper before (Pictorialists would love this stuff though). I've also tried Oriental, Brilliant, Forte, Ilford and Agfa products. Many are quite nice but none are taking me to where I want/should be. Perhaps Amidol/Azo is where my efforts need to be concentrated. I'll soon find out.

In closing, I must say that it is a true blessing to have an established Artist such as Michael take the time and effort to so generously contribute to my, and other posts, here and elsewhere. You can only be commended for this Michael.