This is my first time printing with medium format negatives, I've only printed 35mm up to this point. So I was printing an 6X6 negative at an 8 inch square an I noticed that my exposure times were really short even when I stopped the lens down to f11 (as compared to what I was use to printing with a 35mm at F5.6). My exposure time was about 3 seconds and my negative looks good (not thin). With that exposure time I have very little time to do much dodging. The enlarger I am now using for medium format is an Omega D2 w/ 80mm lens. I use a Leica V35 to print 35mm (so I don't have an option to test the medium format on the other enlarger and I don't have a 35mm negative carrier for the D2). I'm wondering if it's the fact that I'm enlarging the negative much less compared to the 35mm (at 8X10) that is causing the very short exposure time or if it's something else. Any ideas of what could be going on here?