I just discovered these forums. I saw a friend's pictures online and something about them looked so nice. Turns out they were scans of a medium format negative. I got curious and didn't realize film still had a following. I took a B&W photography class in high school 7 years ago or so when DSLRs were just starting to become reasonably priced. I left film a year or two later when I got my DSLR.

I thought digital replaced analog, now I realize it complements it. I'm awaiting the arrival of an OM-1n from a fellow APUG member (nsurit) and maybe a TLR from another member here. I intend to shoot color on the TLR and B&W on the 35mm. I still have a lot of things to figure out, and I'm looking forward to using APUG as a resource. I've forgotten almost everything and have nothing in terms of equipment. But I've already learned a great deal, and I look forward to learning more (and using the classifieds more) here!

A few things attract me to film. I'm not interested in film for quality (in the modern sense) reasons. I'm interested in film for the different quality (in the traditional sense) of it.

One attraction for me is the differentness of the process. I like how it doesn't require computers (hence why both cameras I'm looking at are mechanical). Film cameras look and feel so great. TLRs are just weird.

Another is the art of it. It requires more thought. I've been taking landscapes with my digital and I'm starting to feel like they look the same as everything else, more snapshots, and trying to figure out how it is art. I'm hoping that delving more into B&W and developing etc. will help make my digital images better for one, but also I feel that B&W processing is a complex art form I look forward to discovering. I personally feel more of an artist and more creative when I shoot film (remembering from days of old), and I like that.

Another is that I've long wanted a full-frame DSLR but they are cost-prohibitive. Cheap 35mm film cameras provide similar benefits at a reduced price, plus they can be much smaller systems. And TLRs are also cheap and provide even better quality benefits.