I've been selling a bunch of stuff to fund my entrance into 4x5. I've sold enough to justify a WTB post.

Here's what I'm looking for:

An ugly but functional 4x5 field or press camera featuring a normal lens mounted on a lensboard with a reasonably-accurate shutter. Somewhere between 1 or 3 decent film holders.

Essentially, used 4x5 on a budget. I don't care if the camera smells like cat pee and has more dents than a golfball; if it's light-tight, has an accurate shutter, and is capable of introducing me to the glories (and frustrations) or large format, I'm interested.

... so, what would, say, $300 get me? Or do I really need to come up with more cash for a LF starter camera?

Thanks all for your indulgence!

-- Dan