8x10 is good. I do a lot of work with 11x14 paper negatives, but in a tin can, not in film holders. 4x5 photo paper has to be cut down slightly to fit into a 4x5 film holder. I don't know if the same thing applies to 8x10 or not; but it may be a consideration.

For paper negatives... I've tried a lot of papers and have settled on two. Oriental Seagull mat surface RC Grade 2 and Foma Variant 312. The Seagull is twice as fast, has incredible detail but is a little flat for some people's taste. Foma Variant has a lot of detail and is more contrasty. Still, the Foma picks up a pretty good tonal range. I've tried Ilford MG RC and found it way too contrast with blown-out shadows and highlights. Most other papers lack a good tonal range as well. I haven't tried Arista RC Grade 2, but a lot of people use it with good results. See what works best for you.
Pre-flashing the photo paper will reduce contrast and may make Ilford workable.

Also, paper negative do work better on overcast days; but I've had excellent results in pure bright sunlight when the brilliant sunshine covers the entire scene to be photographed. It is when the scene has sunlit highlights as well as shadows when paper negative don't work so well.