Hi APUG folks,

I'm having some issues with the Meochrom color head mounted on my Meopta Opemus 5 enlarger and am wondering if anyone can help.

The light has been really weak and distinctly yellow since I got it causing problems with needing long exposures and also probably blowing out contrast control. I replaced the bulb which helped a bit but still not great. 8x10 35mm prints need nearly two minutes at f/4.5. I've taken it apart and the light path is generally pretty good, except for two items.

Numero uno - the mixing chamber is distinctly degraded with the white reflective coating yellowed, cracked and faded. I don't think I'll be able to find a new replacement so its down to fixing it. Can anyone think of a way to recoat the inside that will work well? I saw mention of zinc oxide paint somewhere on the web but not sure what sort or what to use. Any clues? I don't want to shove any old paint in there and have it cook off and create worse problems.

Numero due - The reflector behind the globe also looks a bit weird. It's a little yellow, and distinctly transparent. Not sure how much this is colouring the light - I don't think it's a lot, but it's definitely transparent so I'm assuming I'm losing light there too. Is this normal? If not, anyone have any ideas for resolving it? Was thinking of just lining it with aluminium foil, but maybe someone has a better idea.

Thanks for any help...