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I plan on investing on some filters for taking portraits; not studio portraits but more informal environmental portraits, I guess. I did some research and are my assertions correct?

Yellow filters will lighten skin tones and reduce blemishes.
Green filters will darken skin tones and make blemishes stand out.
yellow-green is in between.
Yes, your assertions are correct.

You can of course go further with lighteneing skin tones and blenishes - yellow/orange, orange and even red.

The effect can be quite interesting - you might end up with alibaster looking skin and almost no lip colour

Lip colour can be then be managed with Lipstick shade or colour

Choice of lighting is also important - Flash (Strobes) give an effect similar to daylight.

Tunsten has the same sort of effect of using yellow and orange filters.

Generally, women prefer their portraits done with filters that will reduce skin blemishes - so yellow/orange/red

If you want to show off the weathered skin of a man then a green filter is probably what you need.

It depends on your subject and what you are trying to capture - but a bit of experimentation (with notes so you can remember what you did) is a great way to learn