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In the back of my mind were tales of emulsion separating from the base, but I think those were tales of RC. I was printing on both Kentmere fineprint VC fiber and Foma 111 graded fiber.
Depends on the paper...

Option A:
Kentmere bromides and fine art papers did have specific admonitions against washing for more than a hour, unless that's changed. The emulsion would separate from the paper if "over–washed". Washing adequately, without damage could be problematic. Sometimes less than a half hour would result in damage to some discontinued warm tone fine art papers. It happened to me and was well known at Kentmere.

I've washed Oriental and Ilford papers for as long as 6 hours (accidentally), without issue.
Option B:
May be your only option unless you know a paper can withstand many hours of backstroking. I would suggest making some attempt at not allowing the paper to dry fully, perhaps keeping it in a high humidity environment until you can wash completely.

Option C:
Arrange your workflow to include proper washing times in your lab time.