I too finally sent my postcards on Wednesday. They are of the South Park in Colorado.

Here are some quick comments on what I've received so far, as in the last exchange I very much enjoy everyone's work:

Laurent's "hand" - Beautiful tones and texture in this.

TJ's "Petronas" - Excellent perspective, I really enjoy the slightly obscured view. Also, I now want to visit Malaysia

Ricus's "Pampas grass #8" - This paper texture is great and I appreciate how rich and subtle the print is - is it toned as well?

Jacco's "Street View" - Wonderful symmetry and the smiley face is a sharp bit of irony based on the story of the place.

George Richards's "Halifax Citadel" - Another great bit of composition and combination of tones. Is that drain a bit of editorializing?

Brian Chambers's "Museum of Glass" - A lovely and subtle print with a great use of the curve.

Hoffy's "The Engineer" - Nice moment in this portrait - I like the gesture in his hand.

Rachelle's "Sunrise of Bagan" - Wow. A great scene, surreal and beautiful!

Fotogys's "office" - Wonderful crisp and shiny detail.

Andy C's "Magic Pudding" - I'm unfamiliar with the story. I appreciate how the eye lines interact between the characters and the woman in the far left.

Pilz's "Grave" - Wonderful textures and detail - the wood is beautifully carved as well.

Jim Rollinger's "The Bean" - Excellent moment here and well-made silhouettes.

Ruediger's "Alien Lamp" - I'm glad they give us some light too! I love the abstraction and clarity of vision here.

James Dean's "Baby Charlotte" - A tender portrait. Congratulations and very glad to hear of her walk!

Mark Barendt's "Concern" - Good work catching that expression - the slight blur of the movements in the back really adds to the moment.

Matt King's "Thimbles" - Perfect textures/tones and a great choice of composition.

Darwin's "Bird Tree" - Nicely seen. An albatross? Or a pelican?

Mike Wilde's pack of three - A nice diversity of subjects. With this round and the last, I'm inspired by your attention to your paper choices.

Eugene's "Dragon Soccer" - I am a fan of (and dabbler in) 3D myself and I love this little rig. It came through quite mangled by my post office, so I may have missed the effect.

Ozphoto's "Australian Rules Football" - An excellent moment, lots of drama and beautifully exposed.