My family is driving me crazy here on this. First let me say I'm one of those people impossible to buy for when it comes to christmas so I decided to make it easy for everyone this year get me what I need to develop b&w at home. Got permission from the redhead from hell and made out the list of what's needed and inventory numbers from freestyle, simple right? Red got talking to a friend who ASSUMED I'd be wet printing as well my oldest niece who took a photography class in college ASSUMED I'd be doing what they did lab develop then print in a home darkroom the opposite of what is planned. All i wanted was the chemicals a changing bag a 120 reel and a couple of thermometers. Already picked up a tank with a couple 35mm reels and have some pyrex measuring cups to convert. I had figured if I had something worth printing I'd pay to get it printed until I get to the point where setting up a hybrid work flow or bathroom printing makes sense. All this gets sprung on me today. I finally got my niece on the phone she immediately got what i planned when told. So hopefully I'll get what I want instead of the usual crap I don't