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Next time, Mark, try an AfAm goddess... she'll kick the crap out of you, and that's when she's agreeing.
Hoooo yeah! I remember...well never mind. Life with her was not dull. She'd go ghetto on my ass. Later I might find out what I did.

The NatAm chick, she was sweet, but had the whole family "keep to your own" thing pushing on her.

Mi amorcita, the MexAm beauty I spent many years with, we got along great almost all the time. When she'd had enough of whatever it was, she'd go barrio on my ass. I almost never found out what I did. I think being myself was enough.

The blonde was, well, blonde. Her own wavelength, that's all I can say.

No redhead. I had one for a boss, and that was more than enough.